Encouraging Word from Rwanda

Community Group Discussion Questions

  1. Bishop Mbanda shared many things that the Anglican church is doing in Rwanda. What are some particular ministries and programs that stood out to you? 
  2. From what we heard of the work in Rwanda, what are some key differences you noticed between ministry in America and ministry in Rwanda? 
  3. Bishop Mbanda shared an African saying: "What comes from another person's home can only come until the rain is over." What did he mean by this, and how does it inform his ministry?
  4. Throughout history, many people have separated "saving souls" and "feeding sheep." What is the relationship between spreading the Gospel and doing works of righteousness?
  5. Ask someone to read Romans 12:1-13.  How does ministering to people's immediate needs and spreading the Gospel look in your own life? How can you better love your neighbor?
  6. Spend some extra time in prayer this evening, praying for the church in Rwanda, Bishop Mbanda, his wife, Chantal, and their three children, Erica, Eric, and Edwin, especially Erica who is moving from America to Rwanda in November. Pray for the raising up of Christian leaders who can spread the Gospel and minister to the people of Rwanda.